70% of the organic traffic comes from the consumer's smartphone, giving the business apps a huge space to cash the opportunity by diverting the traffic to their application. Mobile application is an attention magnets providing constant business exposure to the user. From the business icon simply existing on the user's phone to sending customized notifications, applications bring significant benefits to businesses. 

Applications are great, and almost a necessity in the current market. which brings us to the cost of the native application development. Mobile application development projects are quite costly for middle-range businesses. While in the market cross-platform is software that is designed for functionality across computing platforms but the cost is still an obstacle. 

However, with Facebook serving communities, developed an open-source framework that significantly reduces the cost of mobile app development. Facebook launched React Native to support and promote business toward cross-platform app business. 

How to React Native can help you reduce the Mobile App Development Cost

React Native mobile app development can contribute 30-50% in saving app development costs and to explain how we have briefly discussed the reasons below. 

It Is Built to Support Cross-Platform Apps

React Native is an open-source comprehensive framework designed to build cross-platform apps that support native apps like user experience. It enables the developers to create feature-rich apps without compromising on the UI or UX. React native framework can build smooth-running apps with a single codebase which means the reusability of the code brings significant benefits. 

React native technology enables the developers to create cross-platform applications that could beat the functionality of any technology easily.

Creates Low and Easy Maintenance Apps

First of all, react native-based applications do not have the rigorous need of support necessary for updates. The technology upkeep is far cost-effective and low maintenance. The react native-based applications are further easy to maintain as the UI and UX of the application remain the same for iOS and Android platforms, saving the developers time which means you get to save money on the service. 

Additionally with the react-native live to reload and hot reloading you increase the speed substantially. Both of these also come in handy when there are modifications within the app making the compile install procedure easier. Live reload refreshes the entire app and hot reloading reloads the changed files, and immediately the modifications are immediately visible in the simulator for the developer. 

Third-Party Integration Accessibility

A native app by definition is developed specifically for one platform only which enables the smartphone apps to include the necessary device's hardware capabilities for the functionality of the app. However, this integration is often not a viable option in cross-platform app development which eventually increases the app development cost for the businesses. 

Fortunately, react naive framework is specifically designed to support cross-platform apps that work identically to the native apps. The technology allows the developers to use the device's inbuilt features like GPS, Bluetooth, and other functions that native apps make use of. The easy third-party integration also alleviates the issue of excessive memory consumption and slow functionality of the app. 

Availability of the React Native Developers

As an economic factor, whenever the resources of anything are sacred, inflammation increases. meaning whenever a resource is available in lesser quantity, the price will always be higher.  As far as the react-native framework is concerned, it is centered on javascript, which the majority of the developers are already experienced with. 

React Native learning curve is relatively shorter with javascript familiarity. With such ease to learn a skill, capable React Native developers are readily available in the market. The easy availability of react-native developers is one of the reasons that app development projects are not costly at all. You pay according to the app requirements and the capability of the developer only, and not according to inflammation in the market. 

Easy Debugging, No Downtime

The process of developing, testing, and debugging is quite extensive for the business waiting to commercialize the application. However, React Native technology makes it possible to debug the app in the process of development. In addition, the developers can enhance the processing support and development using Chrome's Dev Tools. 

With the react-native fast refresh feature, the developers don't have to wait till the completion of the app for testing. Fast refresh allows the developers to test the app in real time and hastens the app development process. debugging on the way promotes a more efficient way to control the app functionality. 

Saves Money on The Designing Cost

An app should be interactive, and attractive to score a permanent place on a consumer's smartphone, or else there are plenty of purpose and entertainment-based apps that would easily replace you even if you are not in the same industry as them. 

React Native is an open-source framework that allows designers to deliver a completely customized UI capable of functioning across devices. The technology allows the developers to optimize one mobile app for multiple platforms saving the design time and cost. With react, native design consistency the user interface delivery is more responsive, smoother, and provides an impeccable user experience.